[racket] Scribble: escaping the semicolon

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Sun Sep 4 08:36:45 EDT 2011

Mark Carter wrote at 09/04/2011 08:27 AM:
>> Does "scribble/comment-reader" do what you need?
> Unfortunately, I can't really say, as the Racket documentation on my machine seems to be broken at the moment :( All I'm trying to do is put in a literal semi-colon. I've tried ;; and @; , but that's not it. 

There is always a public copy of the documentation:


Note that the "@racket" thing you mentioned is for typesetting actual 
Racket code, not arbitrary text.  When typesetting Racket code, Scribble 
doesn't normally include Racket comments (which usually start with 
";").  So I think that's why you're having trouble putting a semicolon 
in there.

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