[racket] module->language-info at repl

From: Jon Rafkind (rafkind at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Thu Sep 1 16:23:04 EDT 2011

I changed #:info to

#:language-info #('Z/runtime configure 'dont-care)

And added Z/runtime.rkt with

#lang racket/base
(provide configure)
(define (configure . args)
  (printf "called configure with ~a\n" args)

But the printf doesn't happen. Is the '-Iq Z' flag not the right incantation?

On 09/01/2011 01:43 PM, Matthew Flatt wrote:
> Instead of `#:info', you want to specify `#:language-info'.
> The `#:info' hook is for things related to the *source* of a module in
> the language, such as syntax coloring in DrRacket for a module that
> start `#lang Z'. The plain `racket' REPL doesn't deal with the module's
> source at all in that sense.
> The `#:language-info' hook is for things related to *running* a module
> that starts `with `#lang Z'. When such a module is provided to
> `racket', then `racket' uses `configure-runtime' before instantiating
> the module.
> At Thu, 01 Sep 2011 13:01:48 -0600, Jon Rafkind wrote:
>> More details on how my system is setup:
>> 1. Make a directory for a new language called Z
>> 2. Edit Z/lang/reader.rkt and put this in there
>> #lang s-exp syntax/module-reader
>> Z
>> #:info z-info
>> (define (z-info key default filter)
>>   (printf "called z-info\n")
>>   (filter key default))
>> 3. Edit Z/main.rkt
>> #lang racket/base
>> (provide (all-from-out racket/base))
>> 4. Run with the Z language
>> $ PLTCOLLECTS=`pwd`:$PLTCOLLECTS racket -Iq Z
>> Welcome to Racket v5.1.3.6.
>> At this point I would expect it to say "called z-info" to try to set up the 
>> runtime.
>> On 09/01/2011 12:50 PM, Jon Rafkind wrote:
>>> The repl doesn't seem to invoke the module language's get-info procedure. My 
>> #lang has a `get-info' procedure that is passed to the module-reader by #:info
>>> honu-info. get-info is defined as
>>> (provide honu-info)
>>> (define (honu-info key default default-filter)
>>>   (printf "get info for ~a\n" key)
>>>   (case key
>>>     [(color-lexer) (dynamic-require 'honu/core/read
>>>                                     'color-lexer)]
>>>     [(configure-runtime) `(#(honu/core/runtime configure))]
>>>     [else
>>>       (default-filter key default)]))
>>> It seems only drracket will call `get-info', though. Is there a way to make 
>> the repl call this as well, and if it doesn't can we make it?
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