[racket] Splicing format string?

From: Jos Koot (jos.koot at telefonica.net)
Date: Thu Sep 1 10:23:45 EDT 2011

Have a look at planet-fmt in Planet. The docs are in a msword doc file
(under browse)
Gives you iteration, tabulation, allignment and more.

(apply (fmt "!d*(xd)") syms) or
((fmt "us!d*(xd)") syms)

!d : display only if the list is not empty
*  : repeat until no more elements
xd : display a space and one element
(...) : compound


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Subject: [racket] Splicing format string?

I have a list of symbols '(a b c) that I want to be printed "a b c" as part
of string I'm formatting. Instead of writing
[assume the list is bound to syms]

(format "~a" (string-join (map symbol->string syms) " "))

I'd much rather write something like

(format "[email protected]" syms)

And have format do this for me.

1) Would other people also like this as part of format strings?
2) Is there a better way to write my first attempt without changing format

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