[racket] FFI on Windows

From: Harry Spier (vasishtha.spier at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Nov 27 18:20:46 EST 2011

Dear list members,
On going through the article on the FFI by Eli Barzilay and Dmitry Orlovsky

It says:
"libffi is maintained and distributed as part of the GCC project,
but its goal is to provide a portable library. We use it for all
platforms that PLT Scheme targets, including Windows (using a
slightly adapted version that works with Microsoft’s compiler, courtesy
of the Thomas Heller [13])."

Does that mean that if I'm using the Windows version of Racket and I want
to use the FFI to interface to ImageMagick, that the ImageMagick Windows
executable must also be compiled with the microsoft C compiler rather than
with  MingW GCC ?

A few years ago when I interfaced ImageMagick to Ruby using Ruby's
ImageMagick interface "RMagick" there was a problem for a while about
RMagick being compiled with Microsoft Visual C compiler (it may have been a
particular version of the Visual C compiler?)  and I think the ImageMagick
executable for windows was compiled with MingW GCC.  The problem was
resolved when the RMagick interface was compiled using the same compiler as

Harry Spier
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