[racket] Error generating scribble docs by PLaneT packager

From: Nadeem Abdul Hamid (nadeem at acm.org)
Date: Sun Nov 20 23:25:02 EST 2011

I'm trying to create a planet archive and am getting the error below.
Any ideas on what might be wrong? Thanks,
--- nadeem

$ raco planet create /...path.../racketui/

Building: scribblings/racketui.scrbl
PLaneT packager: Error generating scribble documentation:
declare-exporting: not a module path at: (planet #f) in:
(declare-exporting (planet #f) #:use-sources ())

 === context ===
/Applications/Racket/collects/planet/util.rkt:271:0: render
/Applications/Racket/collects/planet/util.rkt:349:2: make-planet-archive
/Applications/Racket/collects/planet/raco.rkt: [running body]
/Applications/Racket/collects/raco/raco.rkt: [running body]
/Applications/Racket/collects/raco/main.rkt: [running body]

Refusing to continue packaging.

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