[racket] memory issues

From: Eric Tanter (etanter at dcc.uchile.cl)
Date: Sat Nov 19 19:10:22 EST 2011


I have noticed a quite serious problem with memory usage lately. 

Basically, I've been spending my time the last two days with 5 scribble files open, compiling/editing them when needed. 

DrRacket starts occupying 300 MB (no buffers open), 360MB with the buffers opened (the files are really not long, 150 lines max). After the first scribble-to-html run, DrRacket is at around 500MB. Once I do the same on all 5 buffers, memory footprint is 700MB. Another run on the first one (bigger, includes the 4 others), up to 900MB. From then on, it almost never goes down, and reached up to 1.3GB. Point at which my whole machine becomes really slow because of no more free memory, so I basically have to quite DrRacket and start over.

I'm not doing anything else with Racket than editing/compiling these same files over and over again. 

I even tried to kill the browser to see if that would be related, but it seems not. The problem was worse with Safari, because the latest version has some memory issues too. So I switched to Firefox, which remains stable in the 150-300MB range.

I'm on mac os x 10.7 and racket 5.2.

Is that a known issue? is there some configuration of DrRacket that would alleviate the issue?


-- Éric

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