[racket] DB library - postgres and user defined errors...

From: Curtis Dutton (curtdutt at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Nov 18 14:41:30 EST 2011

What is a good way to get user defined exceptions, written inside of
postrges function to be reflected to the end user?

Say I have an item table in a database and it has a unique 'name' column.

When I call my 'create_item' function in the postgres database, and the
name given conflicts with an existing row in that table, I would like the
exception returned to be 'that name already exists' and then pass that
message through my web interface down to the user.

Of course other types of exceptions, that I didn't anticipate, don't
ultimately get sent to my client and they just see an "OOPS!" message.

This sort of extends the principal that racket has of "raise-user-error"
being different than "raise" in racket, and applying that concept down
inside of postgres functions... (which the racket database library can
follow through with in its own runtime environment)

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