[racket] editing racket code effectively

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Tue Nov 15 20:45:01 EST 2011

David Vanderson wrote at 11/15/2011 08:33 PM:
> - how to add temporary debugging statements

I usually use "log-debug" or "printf".  See the documentation for how to 
make "log-debug" appear if you're running outside of DrRacket.

> - how to temporarily comment out some code

Try "#;" to commend out a sexp.

> I always seem to be fighting to make sure the parens are balanced, 
> both in DrRacket and Vim.[...] or try to use sexp-based editing?

Give sexp-based editor commands a try in DrRacket.  Start with 
Alt-LeftArrow, Alt-RightArrow, Alt-UpArrow, Alt-OpenParen, and 
Alt-Delete.  They are easy to add incrementally to your familiar ways of 
editing text, and a big win.

Also, DrRacket should be giving you some visual cue for paren matching.  
And, personally, I find it easier to match parentheses, rather than the 
mix of parentheses and square brackets that some kids these days like to 


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