[racket] Revisiting Racket on ARM

From: Deren Dohoda (deren.dohoda at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Nov 15 14:35:17 EST 2011

It looks like everything is moving ahead fine for the Raspberry Pi, a
ridiculously inexpensive single-board computer based on ARM. The
mailing list here doesn't have a lot of discussion on ARM except as it
related to things like tablets. While it might be fun to tinker on my
phone with Racket, I could actually find better use for it on
something like this in a very soft-time embedded situation.


Current plans include a Debian distribution, and a few others. What is
the feasibility of getting Racket up here? What if GUI features were
not included, would that help? I suddenly have dreams of a super cheap
SBC running my racket applications on init...


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