[racket] profiling

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Sat Nov 12 14:54:25 EST 2011

Greg Hendershott wrote at 11/12/2011 10:20 AM:
> If Neil van Dyke is reading this, I think this would be an excellent
> topic for your book. What are practical ways to get the benefits of
> contracts during development, while minimizing or eliminating their
> cost in production?  Is it as simple as "rebuilding" with versions of
> define/contract et al that don't actually create contracts?  Any other
> strategies?

Thanks for the tip.  I'll see what I can say on this topic.

I suspect that, as a result of your message, some PLT person will look 
again at whether there's more documentation they want to make about 
contracts, and whether there's any software improvements they want to make.

My book is just complementary, and PLT aren't sitting still.  I'm 
currently positioning my book as: "Hey, you! Skilled professional 
programmer who is interested in Racket!  Read this small book first, for 
the most accessible and complete rapid introduction targeted 
specifically and only at you.  You can read it easily, linearly, from 
start to finish, on the train, without a computer.  Then you'll want to 
keep it handy as a reference, because it has a few different spins and 
presentations on topics than the PLT manuals do, and will discuss a few 
topics they don't right now.  After a first and second read of this 
book, you'll mostly use the PLT manuals, but will always have fond, 
intimate memories of this book.  (You will also want to purchase two 
cases of the for-pay paper version of this book: one case to distribute 
to your coworkers, and the other to hand out free to dotcommers in 
cafes, thereby tripling worldwide sales of the book.)"


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