[racket] article about Racket

From: Raoul Duke (raould at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Nov 11 21:59:25 EST 2011

> http://queue.acm.org/detail.cfm?id=2068896

certainly sounds cool and featureful.

my knee jerk reaction is that i believe it is probably really hard to
avoid making a language/dialect/syntax/extension/whatever that isn't
doomed to be a horrible heckdom shoved onto the users. so the tools
might let anybody do a new language, but the ability to use those
tools seems to me to be a whole 'nother kettle of fish?

also my limited experience with dr. racket has never been much fun or
impressive vs. "real" ides.

$0.02 it is rainy so i guess i'm cranky sorry.

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