[racket] scribble --pdf, skull.sty, and stabular.sty

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Tue Nov 8 22:08:22 EST 2011

Can the "scribble --pdf" dependency on "skull.sty" be removed, or can 
"skull.sty" and its dependencies be bundled with Racket?

Similarly, to a lesser extent, could something be done about "stabular.sty".

(In Debian Squeeze, for example, getting "stabular.sty" the Debian way 
involves a Debian package that pulls in a huge amount of other stuff, 
including a Common Lisp implementation, Perl packages, and hundreds of 
MB of additional formatted documentation.  For the usual non-sys-admin 
way, simply pulling "stabular.sty" from CTAN and dropping it in the 
directory as the source Scribble file didn't work with the default 
Debian setup.)


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