[racket] curious about compiler's performance on "big" automatically generated library

From: Marco Maggi (marco.maggi-ipsu at poste.it)
Date: Wed May 25 03:18:24 EDT 2011


  I use Racket's 5.1.1  "plt-r6rs" command line program on a
i686-pc-linux-gnu; on  my netbook it takes  around 9 minutes
to compile  almost all  the libraries in  my Nausicaa/Scheme
package[1];  this is  when I  leave out  the R6RS  lexer and
parser  libraries  I implemented.   But  when compiling  the
single R6RS  number lexer library[2], it takes  more than 21

  Fine, it is  a very big library (>1MB) and  it has a weird
structure;  but  still  I  am  surprised by  such  big  time
difference.  AFAICT  memory usage is stable and  there is no
significant  swapping  to disk;  I  just  use the  "plt-r6rs
--compile" command line, no other options.

  Is this to be expected because of the particular structure
of the library?


[1] <http://github.com/marcomaggi/nausicaa/downloads>
[2] <http://github.com/marcomaggi/nausicaa/raw/devel/scheme/src/libraries/nausicaa/r6rs/number-lexer-table.sls>
Marco Maggi

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