[racket] Temporary Definitions with ellipses

From: SCIAMACHIST (lewiswatmore at gmail.com)
Date: Tue May 24 14:25:21 EDT 2011

Lewis Watmore

     I am a "noob" so if this is the wrong place for my 
question, please direct me to somewhere more appropriate.

     In the DrScheme Companion at "3.3 Finger Exercises on 
Composing Functions" it is stated that you can create temporary 
definitions using an ellipsis in this manor:

     (define (feet->yards f) ...)

--where the ellipsis "is a legal Scheme name. DrScheme does not 
attempt to determine the meaning of a name until necessary."

But DrRacket does not allow this usage. I get this error 
message: "...: ellipses not allowed as an expression in: (...)"
     Is there an alternative other than commenting-out 
unfinished definitions?


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