[racket] very general reliability of old stuff question

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Sun May 22 10:11:30 EDT 2011

At Fri, 20 May 2011 10:00:56 -0400, Neil Van Dyke wrote:
> If someone came to you and said, "We're using PLT 4.2.5 with CGC and 
> JIT, and we are wondering whether reliability would be improved by 
> moving to Racket 5.x and/or moving to 3m and/or disabling 4.2.5's JIT," 
> what would you say?

Like Eli, my first reaction would be that switching to 3m is likely to
solve leaks in a long-running program --- but you've ruled that out.

Otherwise, since version 4.2.5 is only about a year old, I don't expect
that using 3m, turning off the JIT, or upgrading is likely to improve

I guess we're all eagerly awaiting the core dump.

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