[racket] a couple of trivial Scribble questions

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Sun May 15 21:44:23 EDT 2011

At Sun, 15 May 2011 21:02:18 -0400, Prabhakar Ragde wrote:
> I put the first example in section 1.1 of the Scribble documentation in 
> Help Desk into a file test.scrbl in DrRacket (5.1.1). I can run it, and 
> nothing happens. Should something? 


> (I'll accept "No" as an answer, but 
> then what does the Run button do?) 

It just binds the document description to `doc'.

> And shouldn't there be a Check Syntax 
> button? I only see Run and Stop.

Yes, Check Syntax should be there. More importantly, you should see
buttons to generate HTML and PDF.

If you open the document source again in DrRacket, do the buttons
appear? Does editing and reverting the `#lang' line make them appear?

> Also, when I render this file into PDF on the command line, there's a 
> date. How do I get rid of it? In LaTeX, I'd just say \date{}.

I've added a `#:date' argument to `title', so you can write

 @title[#:date ""]{On the Cookie-Eating Habits of Mice}

with the very latest from the git repo.

For any earlier version, use

  @(require scribble/core)
  @(make-paragraph (make-style 'pretitle '()) 
                   (make-element "date" ""))

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