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From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sat May 14 22:45:24 EDT 2011

15 minutes ago, Eli Barzilay wrote:
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BTW, to put these negatives in more perspective -- a *lot* of work has
been put to make the `#lang' lines very simple -- easy to remember,
and easy to write.  So I view removing them from the user's explicit
reach and instead leaving it for some gui to generate as something
that goes against the whole idea of `#lang'.

In yet other words, there was this progression:

  1. language determined by user choice, saved as a preference, hard
     to replicate with non-drracket uses

  2. languages determined by user choice, saved as some hidden prefix
     with the file, easier to deal with outside of drracket, but still
     some options are meaningless outside of it

  3. language determined by `#lang', typed by the user and very
     clearly visible (there's even the feature of making the line
     always visible on the screen), easy to deal outside of drracket,
     in fact, it's almost guaranteed that there's no difference.

and hiding the `#lang' line is a step back from #3 towards #2.

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