[racket] Getting started with R6RS

From: Shriram Krishnamurthi (sk at cs.brown.edu)
Date: Sat May 14 20:07:20 EDT 2011

#lang annoyed me until I "got it"; now it annoys me immensely that I
have to use a *menu* to select a (teaching) language.  (And when I
*do* open those files in Emacs, I'm annoyed by the junk inserted by
DrRacket.)  I wish everything were always #lang everywhere.  I don't
even notice it, except when I look for it and then I'm glad its there.

Much the same as, when I used to write lots of shell programs, I
didn't really think about writing a #! on the first line, until there
was some reason to know how the file was being interpreted, at which
point I was glad I could just read it off the first line.

#lang is just #! done right.  Maybe it should be presented that way.
(And then the Windows weenies will ask, "What's #!?"...)


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