[racket] Getting started with R6RS

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Sat May 14 19:16:06 EDT 2011

Robby Findler wrote at 05/14/2011 05:38 PM:
> Also, and you may find this amusing given Neil's comments, but Matthew Flatt (the main Racket developer/designer) and I are both co-authors of the R6RS report (I played a more minor role than he did: Jacob Matthews and I just did the semantics at the end; he worked on the standard proper.)

Just to be clear, when I wish for R6RS to be shot in the gut and left to 
die painfully in a ditch, I mean that in the utmost nice and respectful 
way. :)  R5RS was getting close to a gem (with a few warts and glaring 
omissions), and R6RS is this big thing that PLT ultimately did not 
embrace.  With the effect that people have tended to start trying to do 
R6RS with PLT tools, but then wonder why there are rough edges and the 
PLT documentation is mostly full of these other things that don't seem 
to work in their R6RS program.


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