[racket] Building on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion (Developer Preview 3)

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Tue May 10 00:45:27 EDT 2011

An hour ago, Elliott Cable wrote:
> (Replies to Flatt and Tobin-Hochstadt are below.)
> So, I’ve discovered that the git repository (at the `v5.1.1` tag)
> will simply *not build* for me on Lion; whereas the *downloaded*
> source-code distribution (distributed as a DMG, labeled as the
> ‘v5.1.1 macintosh source’) works fine. This is why Homebrew is
> failing; the exact configuration options that the Homebrew script
> wants work fine with the source-code distribution, but not within
> the git repository.  Furthermore, the most basic `../configure
> --disable-places --disable-futures && make && make install` works
> with the distribution DMG, but not with git. What sort of
> differences might there be between `v5.1.1` git-tag and the v5.1.1
> source-code distribution?

Are you sure that you have the same versions?  Did you happen to
install one of them in a path with a space in it?  Maybe you tried
both from different environments?

> I discovered this last night, but failed to capture output; when I
> have the ~40 minutes it takes later today, I’ll build and capture
> respective outputs for you guys.

The tag is a strict superset of the source distribution.  Here's what
I just did:

  $ mkdir 1
  $ cd 1
  $ tar xzf ...some-dir.../plt-src-mac.tgz
  $ cd ..
  $ mkdir 2
  $ cd 2
  $ mkdir racket
  $ cd racket
  $ git archive --remote=git://git.racket-lang.org/plt.git v5.1.1 \
    | tar x
  $ cd ../..
  $ diff -rq 1 2

In the first tar command I'm using a backup of the tgz files that were
later turned to the installers -- you'll need to just copy the tree
from the dmg file there.  In any case, here's the output of the diff:

  Files 1/racket/README and 2/racket/README differ
  Only in 2/racket/collects/2htdp: uchat
  Only in 2/racket/collects/games/paint-by-numbers: hattori
  Only in 2/racket/collects/games/paint-by-numbers: raw-problems
  Only in 2/racket/collects/games/paint-by-numbers: solution-sets
  Only in 2/racket/collects: guibuilder
  Only in 2/racket/collects: handin-client
  Only in 2/racket/collects: handin-server
  Only in 2/racket/collects: honu
  Only in 2/racket/collects: meta
  Only in 2/racket/collects: repo-time-stamp
  Only in 2/racket/collects: sirmail
  Only in 2/racket/collects: srpersist
  Only in 2/racket/collects/tests: compiler
  Only in 2/racket/collects/tests: future
  Only in 2/racket/collects/tests: honu
  Only in 2/racket/collects/tests: htdp-lang
  Only in 2/racket/collects/tests: jpr
  Only in 2/racket/collects/tests: run-automated-tests.rkt
  Only in 2/racket/collects/tests: srpersist
  Only in 2/racket/collects/tests: stxparse
  Only in 2/racket/collects/tests: units
  Only in 2/racket/collects/tests: zo-size.rkt
  Only in 2/racket/collects: waterworld
  Only in 2/racket/src: mysterx
  Only in 2/racket/src: mzcom
  Only in 2/racket/src: srpersist
  Only in 2/racket/src: worksp
  Only in 2/racket/src: worksp10

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