[racket] Setting cookie with (make-cookie name val #:path "/") is causing subsequent reading to fail.

From: J G Cho (gcho at fundingmatters.com)
Date: Thu Jun 30 17:42:58 EDT 2011

Without #:path optional arg, when I write cookie while at URL
/abc/efg, the cookie path is set to /abc. I can read the cookie while
at URL such as /abc/xyz.  This seems to work as expected.

So I tried setting cookie with #:path "/" such that I can read the
cookie 'site-wide'.  It did not seem to work as I expected as I cannot
read the cookie at all!

So I look under the hood, FF (v4.01 on Mac). The path is set as "/". I
looked at other cookies. Their path looks / without the "" marks.

Am I doing something wrong with (make-cookie name val #:path "/") ?


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