[racket] net/imap to read email over ssl ?

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Thu Jun 30 11:10:20 EDT 2011

I would start by searching for "IMAP" and "SSL" in the Racket manuals.  
Racket includes libraries for both.

 From there, it looks like "imap-connect*" is what you'd use to make the 
connection.  There's a good chance you'll have to wrap the call to that 
procedure with "(parameterize ((imap-port-number ...)) ...)", since 
nonstandard port numbers are pretty common for IMAP, especially when 
doing SSL/TLS.

Note that, with IMAP, there are a few different ways that the protocol 
can start an SSL/TLS session, and then there are different ways of 
authenticating within that.  It is a tiny bit of a mess; you'll find 
that with any IMAP client, not just your Racket program.  It helps if 
you already have an IMAP client working with your server, and can look 
at exactly what settings it is using for all this variation.

HP Wei wrote at 06/30/2011 10:56 AM:
> I would like to use net/imap to process my emails
> from an IMAP-server (with SSL).
> Could someone suggest to me how I should proceed ?
> Thanks
> HP 


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