[racket] comment colors in DrRacket

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Wed Jun 22 05:34:27 EDT 2011

Neil Van Dyke wrote at 06/20/2011 11:20 PM:
> Anyone have opinions on DrRacket's yellow default color for comments?  
> Is it OK, great, lousy?
> If you want to email me directly, I will summarize responses.

I've decided to have the new Emacs mode mimic DrRacket's yellow comments 
(comments colored like rude statements in an otherwise pristine landscape).

Summary of responses:

* "I feel like [the yellow default color for comments] draws unnecessary 
attention to them; they are not that important."

* One person said that the yellow comments in DrRacket print too lightly 
on their black&white printer.  I didn't know people printed code 
listings anymore, but I'll see about having Emacs map the faces 
differently when printing.

* One person really disliked the special coloring that Quack does for 
three-semicolon comments.  That was actually for my old Javadoc-like 
inline documentation.  I won't be supporting that old thing in the new 
Emacs mode.

* Two people asked to do colors in an Emacs-idiomatic way: one person 
asked for Emacs color-theme support, and the other asked for a 
Quack-like choice between using DrRacket colors and using Emacs 
font-lock colors.  Currently, there are 18 deffaces, set to mimic 
DrRacket, and that's probably how it will be in the initial release.  
Later, I might see about a convenience for setting those based on the 
user's font-lock colors, but the default will remain to mimic DrRacket.

* It's orange, not yellow.  (See previous reference to liver condition.)


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