[racket] Language Levels

From: Carolyn Oates (carolynoates at yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Jun 12 03:15:35 EDT 2011

I am mapping the functions of the BotBall robot to Racket. 
Something similar would be logical for Lego Mindstorms, but getting it into code that runs on the Lego NXT would be different - perhaps easier... via cross-compiling.
Currently I have related defines like motor, sensor in there own racket source file.
So twould he user would have to "include" the ones they want when it into a teachpack or module? 
(First time to create my own so please excuse me if I don't use the right Racket terminology yet.)

The end goal would be to have some defines available in different language levels.
Can you set that up in one teach pack or do you need multiple or??

Thanks, Carolyn
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