[racket] Sieve...

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Mon Jun 6 04:50:50 EDT 2011

I think that nothing is stopping someone from implementing an elegant 
DSL with similar intent in Racket.  They could use it in a Racket-based 
replacement for Mailman (or a full-fledged MTA, or the existing 
Racket-based MUA).  If they ever need to use this Sieve language for 
interoperation, they can translate to and from Sieve.

On a tangent, I think the following could be a good thesis for someone: 
"a tool can greatly facilitate the construction of visual languages from 
DSLs, using..."  For one of your examples, you could take your 
mail-filtering DSL, somehow express sufficient semantics or show how the 
tool can infer those semantics, and the tool would spit out a working 
visual programming language tool for your DSL.  If you're using Racket, 
you have an advantage over someone trying to scoop your thesis using 
Java or Python.

John Clements wrote at 06/06/2011 03:32 AM:
> RFC 5228, a DSL for mail processing. Very tidy, *perfect* DSL domain. Could have been nice....
> Ah well.


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