[racket] Use regexps or something else?

From: Rodolfo Carvalho (rhcarvalho at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Jun 3 23:32:37 EDT 2011


Since I'm on regexps... next message!

I couldn't find a way to match groups.
I'd like to have something like this:

(define t "
23                12
15                45
32                27")
(regexp-match-groups* #px"(\\d+)\\s+(\\d+)" t)

=> '(("23" "12") ("15" "45") ("32" "27"))

Does such a thing exist?

I am trying to parse the output from a HPL benchmark result, which is
composed by many blocks of the following:

T/V                N    NB     P     Q               Time
WR00L2L4       29293   256     2     4             535.64
||Ax-b||_oo/(eps*(||A||_oo*||x||_oo+||b||_oo)*N)=        0.0034782 ......

Maybe there is a better way other than using regexps?

Actually it would be nice to have some kind of reader that know how to read
and convert "3.129e+01" from scientific notation to regular number which I
could operate with.

Any advice?


Rodolfo Carvalho
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