[racket] Mailing list in portuguese

From: Rodolfo Carvalho (rhcarvalho at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Jun 3 16:50:08 EDT 2011


Yes, this list here is awesome! I don't mean to split the community into
small localized groups.

However, I have the feeling that some of my friends have trouble to
communicate in English, and even if they would read content posted in
English, they tend to never answer or post their doubts.

To facilitate and support their efforts into using Racket, I've created a
mailing list for Portuguese speakers :D

I know of some Brazilians and Portuguese (great people at IST!)
participating on this list, and I invite you all to join us at:


Again, the new list doesn't mean to replace anything, it is just that if you
speak Portuguese and is afraid of asking in English, do so in your mother
tongue and you'll be heard!
In case it's necessary, someone can always help translating and redirecting
the question to the main list.


Rodolfo Carvalho
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