[racket] Call racket from racket on MacOSX, no response

From: Ove (lists at lindenblossom.net)
Date: Wed Jul 27 02:21:38 EDT 2011

26 jul 2011 kl. 19.59 Niitsuma Hirotaka wrote:

> Thanks
>> From command line it works.
> But from drracket does  not work

DrRacket will only get the $PATH from your "normal" UNIX-y environment 
if it's started from a terminal.

You can still get environment variables if you start DrRacket the usual icon-clicking way, though.

All you need to do is to manually create 
the property list file "~/.MacOSX/environment.plist" and put your $PATH there.
It's a horrible solution, but it works and it's the official way.

for details.



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