[racket] generate-temporaries with source location?

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at cs.wpi.edu)
Date: Fri Jul 15 01:29:06 EDT 2011

I'd like the ability to generate a bunch of temporaries, but with
specific source locations.  I'm having an awkward time fixing an
embarrassing bug in my chaining-compare library.

I have the following expression:

    (with-syntax ([rhs-value (datum->syntax #f
                                            (gensym 'rhs-value)
                                            (list (syntax-source #'rhs)
                                                  (syntax-line #'rhs)
                                                  (syntax-column #'rhs)
                                                  (syntax-position #'rhs)
                                                  (syntax-span #'rhs)))])

and I feel really cheesy doing the gensym here!  I'd love to replace this with:

    (with-syntax ([(rhs-value) (generate-temporaries #'(rhs)])

except that the resulting temporary variable doesn't have the correct
source location of the input, and having the 'rhs-value' syntax have
the right source location is critical.

In my imagination, I'd like to be able to say:

     (with-syntax ([(rhs-value) (generate-temporaries/locs #'(rhs) #'(rhs))])

and have this hypothetical "generate-temporaries/locs" adopt the
source locations from the second argument.  Is this easy to build, or
does such functionality already exist?

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