[racket] Is this a bug? [Documentation: Formlets]

From: Daniil (eraserfingers at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jul 5 04:58:26 EDT 2011

Hello, I was skimming through formlets documentation today
and I noticed that some examples won't run on my DrRacket (5.1.1). For
example, this one:

> (formlet* `(div ,@(for/list ([i (in-range 1 10)])
>                     `(p ,(number->string i)
>                         ,(text-input . =>* . name))))
>           name)

It gave me the following error: http://pastebay.com/131051

However, if I change `text-input' to `input-string' it works fine and
generates expected xexpr.

Is this a bug or I am not understanding something?

Thanks in advance and pardon my English.

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