[racket] Images in Scribble?

From: Don Blaheta (dblaheta at monm.edu)
Date: Fri Jul 1 20:16:56 EDT 2011

Huh.  I was coming back to reply to my own post and say, "oh duh, of
course you can't do that", and I found Matthias's response:

Quoth Matthias Felleisen:
> You can use the image library to write images into the scribble output. 

And now I'm intrigued.  My "oh duh" was remembering that the output was
mediated through either HTML or LaTeX, neither of which are especially
amenable to inlining images directly into the source.  So now I
especially don't understand what it would mean to write an image "into
the scribble output".  Into the LaTeX/HTML?  How would that work?  Of
course some other subsystem is taking care of the actual back end, but
I'm still having to produce a stream of processed data that it can
accept---which kind of content (in the sense of content?) would that be?

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