[racket] Nokia Qt binding for Racket

From: Gerry Weaver (gerryw at compvia.com)
Date: Wed Dec 28 22:15:37 EST 2011

Hello All,

I've been playing around with a Nokia Qt binding for ECL called EQL. It's quite nice. Has anyone considered doing this for Racket? It would provide access to a very rich cross-platform gui toolkit. Unfortunately, I my Racket foo isn't anywhere close the level necessary to attempt something like this. I am aware that Racket recently got a lot of attention in the gui area. However, I think it would/will be a very long to before it could reach the level of Qt. I was just wondering if it was on anyone's radar.

BTW: I did some googling for this and wasn't able to come up with much. I apologize if this question has been ask before.


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