[racket] Engineering Tradeoffs of ANF transforms and the Stateless Server

From: Galler (lzgaller at optonline.net)
Date: Tue Dec 27 16:26:29 EST 2011

I'm nearing completion of a web application with stateful server 
continuations, and am thinking about future scalability.

If we limit the discussion to the specific problem of retention of 
server-side continuations in gc'd memory (and not to whether 
server-side continuations are of value)

I have two topics of inquiry:

1)  Physical memory and stateful continuations

I note that no one has discussed throwing a significant amount of 
physical memory at the problem.

Empirically, is that because garbage-collection of a large heap creates 
its own performance problems?

2)  The ANF transforms and statelessness

Apart from the Continue conference application, has anyone deployed a 
non-trivial web application using the stateless language transforms?

Alternatively, has the stateless form of Continue been stress-tested?

Have tradeoffs  beyond those listed in item 6 of Jay's 'Automatically 
RESTful Web Applications' been identified since its date of publication 
(compilation time, execution lag, third part library interaction, 
non-serializable data structures)

Thanks very much.


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