[racket] formlets with radio button & checkbox example?

From: Racket Noob (racketnoob at hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Dec 26 13:36:58 EST 2011

I don't feel any need in my heart and brain to write "examples" for such a poorly undocumented piece of code like Racket Web Development library.To shriram: kill the messenger of bad news! The easiest way is always to declare troll those who does not nod at everything you, academic multiwriters, says on this group. Thank you, Racket snobs! Thank you for nothing! :flop:  

Subject: Re: [racket] formlets with radio button & checkbox example?
From: rcleis at mac.com
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2011 08:54:42 -0700
CC: users at racket-lang.org
To: racketnoob at hotmail.com

You could make an example with less effort than required for your mass production of criticism. :O)
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