[racket] raco setup of planet development links

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Wed Dec 21 18:30:34 EST 2011

If I have a PLaneT development link, what's the best way to do a 
"setup"-like build of it during development?

I think ``best'' means ``very close to the build that happens when a 
released PLaneT package is installed from PLaneT.''

Currently, I do a trick with "PLTCOLLECTS", which is working less well 
than it used to.  The biggest problem is Scribble complaints because 
then it's seeing the same manuals through multiple paths ("PLTCOLLECTS" 
and the PLaneT development links).

The following seems ideal, if it worked.

$ raco setup -l '(planet neil/soundex)'
raco setup: bad collection path: (planet neil/soundex)

$ raco planet show | grep soundex
   neil    soundex.plt    1 4
     --> /home/user/racket/soundex


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