[racket] FW: Racket documentation for web development is just awful!

From: Carson Chittom (carson at wistly.net)
Date: Tue Dec 20 08:50:49 EST 2011

Racket Noob <racketnoob at hotmail.com> writes:

> Of course I care!
> I love racket and deeply respect all of you. But, I'm afraid that if
> you  go this way, Racket remain just another never used "academic"
> language.

If you genuinely believe that, then you have it in your power to fix
things:  *do* things in Racket rather than complaining (or, as I saw on
a bumper sticker once, "Quit bitching and start the revolution").

But of course that won't happen.  I've never understood the pleasure
some people get out of trolling.

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