[racket] HtDP: Exercise 5.1.5. - fifth condition/answer should be added

From: Jakub Hadam (jakub.hadam at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Dec 1 17:42:47 EST 2011

I propose to add a fifth answer (as a third one) ('TwoColorsOccur) to the
exercise 5.1.5 to cover the following situtation:

(check-color 'blue 'red 'red 'blue) -> 'TwoColorsOccur
 [(and (symbol=? T1 G2) (symbol=? T2 G1)) 'TwoColorsOccur]

Under the current answers this situation would result in 'OneColorOccurs,
which would be misleading...

Have a good day.

Jakub Hadam
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