[racket] Neophyte Alert

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Wed Aug 31 15:19:40 EDT 2011

Two hours ago, Josh Tilles wrote:
> I'm (comparatively) young, and so also not familiar with the social
> protocols of IRC & newsgroups in the world of software
> development. My basic question is whether there is a place that
> explains the etiquette of interacting with the Racket & PLT
> communities. Or perhaps just a few sentences detailing how to use
> the ListServ effectively? Because you all do seem to be wonderfully
> active and helpful, but I'm just not sure how to jump in.

As in most other mailing lists and IRC channels, Just Ask.  You'll
quickly find out about the general spirit, and if there's something
people don't like you'd know about it soon enough.  In the specific
case of Racket's lists and IRC channel, almost anything goes.

> [...questions...]
> (it's not necessary to answer these questions now, unless you're
> eager to; asking them on their own later will probably help keep
> discussions clear)

These are all perfectly fine questions.  (I won't answer them here, to
encourage you doing a new post on each one, which will probably be
more effective for you too...)

> P.S. Has anyone given any thought to consolidating some of the
> Racket discussion to a StackExchange site? Or something else of that
> ilk?

You can ask questions there too:


(But I don't think that there's a good way to link SO with a mailing
list, yet.  Besides the obvious and limited thing of posting
notifications on the mailing list when there are questions.)

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