[racket] Racket in the large

From: gonzalo diethelm (gdiethelm at dcv.cl)
Date: Wed Aug 24 21:17:58 EDT 2011

> Sounds like you are talking about the Racket version of Hibernate?

Not really (at least not I). What I want is pure direct access to data in tables (no ORM), but using a natural DSL that applies to all RDBMSs.

I am thinking about something more in the lines of what is shown here: http://java.dzone.com/announcements/simple-and-intuitive-approach

I pine for a DSL that applies to all RDBMSs (even if I have to modify my queries when switching back-ends), that does not force me to write SQL in a string and that gives me access to the DATA in my TABLES (that is, I don't care about hiding the fact that there ARE tables and columns underneath).

Best regards.

Gonzalo Diethelm
DCV Chile

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