[racket] html-template

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Mon Aug 22 02:57:50 EDT 2011

Danny Yoo wrote at 08/22/2011 02:31 AM:
> It looks like you're trying to standardize the particular s-expression
> representation we'll be using for XML in Racket.  Is there a practical
> difference between SXML and xexp?

They are very similar.  We've had a few discussion threads on this email 
list about the differences over the years.  Here's one such thread: 

I'm not trying to change the standard way.  My immediate goal, in a 
spirit of The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good, was to simply push these 
packages out, since they've been sitting around unreleased for over 
three years.  They were unreleased partly because I was going back and 
forth between SXML and xexpr and my own extensions to both, and trying 
to unify them.  Recent changes made to the Racket Web Server to make it 
less married to xexprs helped push me back to SXML.  (Sadly, I'd already 
deleted some subtle bits of SXML-specific permissiveness code by that 
point.)  I could still go back to adding compatibility with xexprs, but 
I think more likely is that people using xexprs will decide to use SXML.

Here's one reason for SXML over xexprs: in the Scheme world, SXML is the 
de facto standard, and the best XML/HTML tools that Racket inherited 
from Scheme are all based on SXML.

I intend for a later version of the documentation of the "neil/xexp" 
package to document the entire format, so that people don't have to 
Google around.


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