[racket] Wikipedia article improvements

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Aug 18 14:31:30 EDT 2011

5 hours ago, Stephen De Gabrielle wrote:
> Another avenue of interest my be the 'list of articles with nnnn
> code/source' [...]

I've created the category page, and added the category tag to the
existing pages.  Obviously, I've seen many pages with such small
examples of variuos things, and added Racket entries to a bunch of
them.  See the result here:


Feel free to add more examples if you know of any other pages.  To do
that, you'll need to add the following tag to the bottom of the page
you'll be editing:

  [[Category:Articles with example Racket code]]

and it will get added to the above pile.

If you know of such a page where you'd like to see a Racket example
but don't know how to write one, then feel free to email me and I'll
add one.

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