[racket] Wikipedia article improvements

From: Joan Arnaldich (jarnaldich at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Aug 18 14:18:54 EDT 2011

Hi there,

So adding the examples from the main page wasn't a good idea at
all. My fault. The following link:


states that content under a GNU only license is NOT compatible with

So I think we only have the following options:

1 - Obtaining an explicit declaration of consent from the authors of
the examples, following the process described here:


All it should take is a couple of emails. Model provided here:


2 - Creating a page somewhere else with the examples and a big
CC-BY-SA logo and refering to that as the source. (Dirty hack, I don't
think I like that one...).

3 - Getting rid of the page and starting all over again / rewriting
all the examples and descriptions that have been copied. This one is
risky, because the deletion discussion can start all over again in the
new page...

I'd go for 1, but I can't do it myself...

Anyway... and somewhat off-topic... I never imagined adding such a
simple page would be such a pain. IMHO, the whole process requires too
much energy from too many people. I cannot understand why some
Wikipedia editors seem so interested in people NOT
learning. Unfortunately, this is not something new...


Well, hope this can be solved, in the end...

Thanks again,


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