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From: Stephen De Gabrielle (stephen.degabrielle at acm.org)
Date: Thu Aug 18 08:53:35 EDT 2011


I just took a look at the Racket features page, and noticed a couple of
points that may be worth the effort.

[forgive the rough nature, I've just thrown this together]


It has the note:
This article needs attention from an expert on the subject. See the talk
page for details. WikiProject Programming languages may be able to help
recruit an expert. (August 2011)

Additionally, it only has 4 reviews (good- but only 4) at the bottom of the
page. I'm pretty sure more than four people liked the examples.

It may be worth the effort to do the following

Rate the page, after updating your profile as below, taking care to use the
'I am highly knowledgeable about this topic (optional) ' section to indicate
your authority.  (I did this - but lack the PhD)

take a look at the page suggested.
1. Add yourself as an expert.
2. update your profile page to indicate why you should be trusted. (I would
suggest holding a doctorate in CS is not a bad thign to include. this might
be a good place to use your full title if you have one. Dr/Prof. of ...
this is an example that at least has some relevnt detaisl as to whiy we
might trust this person:

3. rate the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racket_features  page
4. touchthe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racket_features  page with a small
edit.(to leave your mark) - perhaps look at the pages designated as having a
good rating

I also noted the Forth page integrated the example 'A complete RC4 cipher
program', leads me to believe we could include a larger examples in the main

>  The following languages have achieved Good Article status, and would thus
> make good models:
>    - Forth (programming language)<https://mail.google.com/wiki/Forth_(programming_language)>
>    - Python (programming language)<https://mail.google.com/wiki/Python_(programming_language)>
>  Kind regards,

On Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 12:43 AM, Asumu Takikawa <asumu at ccs.neu.edu> wrote:
> On 2011-08-16 19:13:01 +0000, Joan Arnaldich wrote:
>> Thank you all for supporting the article. As for the editor, the main
>> article by Asumu is already *packed* with references that support
>> notability.
> Though I'd love to take the credit for this, I think John Clements
> started the article and it wouldn't be where it is without many other
> contributors. :)
> In other news, the main article now has about as much content as Scala's
> article and more than Clojure's.  Now with Joan's features page (thanks!)
> it also has more examples than either.
> Still have a long way to go compared to articles on, say, Scheme or
> Python though. It would also be nice in the long run to get it assessed
> as a "good article". (or even "featured")
> Cheers,
> Asumu
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