[racket] http://racket-lang.org/ coming up slowly

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Tue Aug 16 17:10:14 EDT 2011

> 15 minutes ago, Jos Koot wrote:
>> The last two days http://racket-lang.org/ is loading rather slowly
>> on my machine (internet explorer, windows 7, dual core, 4 Gb) Any

If you can run "mtr" or other traceroute utility, you might see whether 
you've been getting a flaky route or where a slow router is.

Another possible cause of slowness that might affect only a small 
percentage of people is if there's DNS issues, such as your computer is 
not caching the DNS resolutions, and it's repeatedly going to resolve a 
name, and the DNS server it's using is slow at resolving 
"racket-lang.org" or "www.racket-lang.org" for whatever reason (e.g., 
it's not keeping a cache very long and keeps going to an authoritative 
server, and its link to the server is slow).  (I tried all 4 
authoritative servers for racket-lang.org just now, and they were all 
quite speedy for me, but US-based.)

Noticing that you're probably not in North America, my first guess is 
that you're hitting DNS inefficiencies like the example I gave, or 
you're getting a really low-bandwidth route.

Keep in mind that, with most Web sites, you might be accustomed to page 
load performance due to CDNs that mirror most of the page content near 
you in the network.  With racket-lang.org, there's no CDN, and 
everything might be coming over a very long link.

Other ideas that come to mind, such as your ISP accidentally QoS-ing the 
heck out of racket-lang.org, or ISP routing racket-lang.org over 
high-latency satellite because they are a Python fan, seem unlikely.

(My own numbers for www.racket-lang.org home page aren't representative, 
since I'm coming from residential Internet in the same metropolitan area 
as the server, albeit 14 routing hops away...  Right now, I average 0.6 
seconds for a complete uncached page load, from start of reload to 
finishing render, including the funny JS'd download button images.)


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