[racket] Wikipedia article improvements

From: Joan Arnaldich (jarnaldich at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Aug 16 15:13:01 EDT 2011

William Turtle <wt9 at ...> writes:

> I've voiced my opinion on the subject and briefly explained the
> languages mentioned. This `RHaworth' fellow seems like a bit of a
> blowhard. His user page contains a (broken) link to his webpage which
> states that he is "still very much a MsDos guy." That tells me all /I/
> need to know (not sure about the rest of you).
> Bill T.

Thank you all for supporting the article. As for the editor, the main
article by Asumu is already *packed* with references that support
notability. Either he didn't take the time to read it, or has his own
notion of the kind: I hadn't heard about it, I don't
understand a word you say... Apart from the MsDos (ejm!)
stuff... look at the footnote of the photo of the dog "biting at the
newbies" in his user page. Guess he saw it was my first article...

I would understand a policy of not allowing pages with that many code
snippets if it was universal... but there are so many counter examples
all over wikipedia that I just can't take it seriously...

Thanks again,


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