[racket] Extensions and 64-bit libraries on OS X

From: Norman Gray (norman at astro.gla.ac.uk)
Date: Tue Aug 16 12:10:20 EDT 2011


Can I just check: is it (still) correct that Racket extensions can only be built against 32-bit libraries on OS X?

This appears to have been the case in the past, and the text in <http://docs.racket-lang.org/inside/overview.html#(part._im~3aintsize)> suggests this is still true, but I have a vague memory of reading that this was going to change 'soon'.  However I can't find where I read that, so....

I ask, because on OS X (10.6), libraries are generally built as 64-bit, so that any library one is adding as an extension, plus any libraries it in turn depends on, have to be carefully built in a non-default way.  Not a massive problem, of course, but it does make the README for one's extension more complicated that it might otherwise be.  Or have I got the wrong end of this particular stick?

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Norman Gray  :  http://nxg.me.uk
School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Glasgow, UK

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