[racket] Adding raw string syntax

From: Joan Arnaldich (jarnaldich at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Aug 15 17:15:27 EDT 2011

Greg Hendershott <greghendershott at ...> writes:

> Plus in the case of Racket it might help to have more mundane
> examples, rather than fewer. Such examples help convey: "See, you can
> do practical stuff in Racket just like in your blub language. There's
> all this other power and expressiveness waiting for you to try, when
> you're ready. But Racket isn't only for PL researchers. Oh and don't
> worry, you won't need Leibniz to printf."

Agreed. In fact, I just added a wikipedia page with Racket code
examples. Most of them come from Racket's main page, but I think it
would be nice to add some practical and short applications of the kind
"look what you can do in only 7 lines of Racket"... that's why I added
the grep-like example... if you think that's ok, feel free to add your

The page is here: 


I'll post more details on my modifications to the wikipedia article thread.

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