[racket] another mini-tutorial: a racket slice: munging IRC logs

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Fri Aug 12 16:48:24 EDT 2011

On Saturday, Eric Hanchrow wrote:
> I would like to put in a plug for my dear friend Rudybot, written
> partly by Eli but mostly by me, now playing on #racket and #scheme
> on Freenode:
> https://github.com/offby1/rudybot

It's written completely by Eric!  -- My contribution was mostly in
helping him plug in sandboxes, and some semi-fancy way to do a
customizable dispatch on various events.

BTW, I also have an irc bot sketch -- it's logged as `gabot' in
#racket, and that's how the IRC logs are recored.  It's not as
complete as rudybot (specifically, no evaluation), but it's designed
to be very easy to extend.  [For example, when freenode suffered from
spam attacks, I hacked up some piece of code that would kick

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