[racket] Wikipedia article improvements

From: Asumu Takikawa (asumu at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Tue Aug 9 16:38:13 EDT 2011

I'd like to propose to update/improve the Wikipedia page for Racket.

A few months ago it was mentioned on this list that the Wikipedia
article about Racket is quite sparse. When I looked at it yesterday it
was still pretty sparse. If a random programmer stumbled on it, the
first sentence would inform him/her only that Racket is based on Scheme
(accurate but not helpful).

So I went ahead and started revising it to 1) emphasize that Racket is
an extensible "programming language programming language" (not in those
words) and 2) added more content about its features (with citations).

The article is still shorter (13kb) than the article for Haskell (33kb)
or Scala (19kb).

In light of this, if anyone else would like to also add content (even a
few sentences, citations, or edits to prose) or suggest content to add
that would be great.

If you're interested in contributing, I have a few suggestions for new
content. Especially if you're new to Racket, this would be a great way
to contribute! (and your input is likely more valuable as the dev team
is not the target audience of this article)

 -- More code examples (Haskell has a separate linked page for them)
 -- Expanded features section (new page, linked from main page)
 -- A section on the Racket "ecosystem" (e.g. tooling, libs, IDE)

In terms of style, prose is better than bullet points. Citations are a
plus too.

Do you have any other content you'd like to see on the page? Is there a
direction you think the page should take (e.g. should it emphasize the
extensibility part more? less? just right?)


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