[racket] FW: External connection to Finndesign Liitin

From: Jukka Tuominen (jukka.tuominen at finndesign.fi)
Date: Wed Aug 3 14:51:22 EDT 2011

Sorry, I meant to reply to the mailing list, also.

br, jukka

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Did you set DrRacket's language to Pretty Big (Not default, I guess)?

 From liitin-lib.rkt:
  ;; You may additionally want to set the DrRacket language level to 'Pretty
Big', uncheck case sensivity,
  ;; and uncheck 'Disallow redefinition of initial bindings' to further
improve compatibility.

br, jukka
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  If I run liitin.rkt (either on the command line or in drracket) it
complains there is no #lang line. When I add one I get this error

  compile: unbound identifier (and no #%app syntax transformer is bound) at:
quote in: (quote (quote gaia:fibonacci:2011-01-01T12:00:00))

  On 08/03/2011 04:36 AM, Jukka Tuominen wrote:
Hi all,

I would just like to inform you that you can now make a read-only connection
to public Liitin objects even if you don't have a Liitin account. We have
tested this with Windows XP and Ubuntu 10.04 with R 5.1 so far, but
hopefully it works with many other systems, as well. I'd appreciate any
feedback on both successes and failures.

Just place the attached files within the same folder and run the liitin.rkt
in DrRacket. Both files contain quite a lot information and examples, but
just shortly:

You can call Liitin objects as if local definitions, e.g.
(gaia:fibonacci 10)
(mirko:eliza "i can't play piano")
(map gaia:fibonacci '(1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10)); combine freely with local
primitives (map in this case)
(jtu100:calculator~); GUI example (functionality not implemented)

The connection speed is not yet optimised in any way, but then again, how
much time would it normally take to find, install, look for updates, run,
and uninstall a native application? :)

Just a small, real-life example: I noticed that the above mentioned
calculator sketch (jtu100:calculator~) had the default title-bar name
"Frame", so I looked-up the object (within Liitin account), changed the name
to "Calculator" and pressed the "Save update" button (see Liitin tutorial in
Youtube). It took less than a minute to find, correct and publish the new
version coming into effect immediately for users globally. Racket's
JIT-compiler makes wonders!

To create new Liitin objects, you need a Liitin account. You can connect to
Liitin account from most operating systems by VNC.

Eventhough the provided examples are function and Racket oriented, the
objects can be of any type. Just anything that you would like to access any
time later or something that could benefit from the built-in version control
or publishing channel.

Obvious places for trouble when using the external connection:
- Object calling a private Liitin object
- Object calling a Liitin-internal primitive
- Object calling an OS or HW specific function

Any feedback highly appreciated!

br, jukka

ps, if anyone wants to place content to Liitin, just let me know. Or, if you
already have an account, you can just help yourself :)

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